Our way


There are always new routes to be found. Wherever you are headed new choices of directions emerges. In the worst scenario you have better be tied to the mast to escape temptations that might mislead you.

Your every day life is filled with things that are mass manufactured, bought, used and trashed. Lock at the garbage deposits. Things that belongs to the present, anonymous and common they all soon gather amongst the discarded.

Then there are goods that are one of a kind and odd. Timeless. Art of the hand. Made with love, smartness and care. Chosen with passion and in resonance with the mind of the person who choose them. Things that age with beauty, tells a story and will be inherited. Sometimes even smart enough to be decently priced without relying on cheap labour somewhere else.

This is the route Odysseus Innovation proudly follows. Second best will not do when it comes to what we design and produce. We are bound for no less than Ithaca.

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